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Girl by Pharrell Williams [2014] [album editions]

Girl (Pharrell Williams)

Track listing

1Marilyn Monroe
2Brand New (duet with Justin Timberlake)
6Come Get It Bae
7Gust of Wind
8Lost Queen
9Know Who You Are (duet with Alicia Keys)
10It Girl

Pharrell Williams albums

1Girl[ 2014 ]
2In My Mind[ 2006 ]
1Girl (Pharrell Williams)
2In My Mind (Pharrell Williams)

Pharrell Williams songs

1Angel [from the "In My Mind"]02:44
2Baby (ft. Nelly) [from the "In My Mind"]04:06
3Best Friend [from the "In My Mind"]04:40
4Brand New (duet with Justin Timberlake) [from the "Girl"]04:35
5Can I Have It Like That (ft. Gwen Stefani) [from the "In My Mind"]03:55
6Come Get It Bae [from the "Girl"]03:25
7Gush [from the "Girl"]03:58
8Gust of Wind [from the "Girl"]04:49
9Happy [from the "Girl"]03:56
10How Does It Feel? [from the "In My Mind"]03:35
11Hunter [from the "Girl"]04:04
12It Girl [from the "Girl"]04:51
13Keep It Playa (ft. Slim Thug) [from the "In My Mind"]04:18
14Know Who You Are (duet with Alicia Keys) [from the "Girl"]04:00
15Lost Queen [from the "Girl"]08:00
16Marilyn Monroe [from the "Girl"]05:55
17Number One (ft. Kanye West) [from the "In My Mind"]03:56
18Our Father [from the "In My Mind"]03:27
19Raspy Shit [from the "In My Mind"]03:35
20Show You How to Hustle (ft. Lauren) [from the "In My Mind"]04:14
21Stay with Me (ft. Pusha T) [from the "In My Mind"]04:06
22Take It Off (Dim the Lights) [from the "In My Mind"]04:07
23That Girl (ft. Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson) [from the "In My Mind"]04:01
24You Can Do It Too (ft. Jamie Cullum) [from the "In My Mind"]05:22
25Young Girl/I Really Like You (ft. Jay-Z) [from the "In My Mind"]08:14

Pharrell Williams - top artists list [#323]

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is an American singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer. []


  • Hip hop,
  • R&B,
  • Funk
  • Happy - one of the best Pharrell Williams songs, top songs list [#503]

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