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All I Intended to Be by Emmylou Harris [2008] [album editions]

All I Intended to Be (Emmylou Harris)

Track listing

1Shores Of White Sand
2Hold On
3Moon Song
4Broken Man's Lament
6How She Could Sing The Wildwood Flower
7All That You Have Is Your Soul
8Take That Ride
9Old Five And Dimers Like Me
10Kern River
11Not Enough
12Sailing Round The Room
13Beyond The Great Divide

Emmylou Harris albums

1All I Intended to Be[ 2008 ]
2Angel Band[ 1987 ]
3Blue Kentucky Girl[ 1979 ]
4Brand New Dance[ 1990 ]
5Cimarron[ 1981 ]
6Elite Hotel[ 1975 ]
7Evangeline[ 1981 ]
8Gliding Bird[ 1969 ]
9Hard Bargain[ 2011 ]
10Lilith Fair, Volume 3, A Celebration of Women in Music[ 1999 ]
11Luxury Liner[ 1997 ]
12Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town[ 1978 ]
13Red Dirt Girl[ 2000 ]
14Thirteen[ 1986 ]
15White Shoes[ 1983 ]
1All I Intended to Be (Emmylou Harris)
2Angel Band (Emmylou Harris)
3Blue Kentucky Girl (Emmylou Harris)
4Brand New Dance (Emmylou Harris)
5Cimarron (Emmylou Harris)
6Elite Hotel (Emmylou Harris)
7Evangeline (Emmylou Harris)
8Gliding Bird (Emmylou Harris)
9Hard Bargain (Emmylou Harris)
10Lilith Fair, Volume 3, A Celebration of Women in Music (Various artists)
11Luxury Liner (Emmylou Harris)
12Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town (Emmylou Harris)
13Red Dirt Girl (Emmylou Harris)
14Thirteen (Emmylou Harris)
15White Shoes (Emmylou Harris)

Emmylou Harris songs

61If I Be Lifted Up [from the "Angel Band"]02:46
62If I Needed You [from the "Cimarron"]03:37
63I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [from the "Gliding Bird"]02:50
64I'll Be Your San Antone Rose [from the "Luxury Liner"]03:44
65I'll Never Fall in Love Again [from the "Gliding Bird"]02:29
66In His World [from the "Brand New Dance"]04:14
67In My Dreams [from the "White Shoes"]03:15
68It's Only Rock & Roll [from the "White Shoes"]02:55
69J'ai Fait Tout [from the "Red Dirt Girl"]05:31
70Jambalaya [Live] [from the "Elite Hotel"]03:10
71Just Someone I Used To Know [from the "Thirteen"]02:57
72Kern River [from the "All I Intended to Be"]04:03
73Lacassine Special [from the "Thirteen"]02:52
74Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight [from the "Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town"]04:22
75Like an Old Fashioned Waltz [from the "White Shoes"]03:11
76Lonely Girl [from the "Hard Bargain"]04:43
77Luxury Liner [from the "Luxury Liner"]03:40
78Making Believe [from the "Luxury Liner"]03:35
79Me and Willie [from the "Luxury Liner"]05:17
80Michelangelo [from the "Red Dirt Girl"]05:14
81Millworker [from the "Evangeline"]04:07
82Moon Song [from the "All I Intended to Be"]04:06
83Mr. Sandman [from the "Evangeline"]02:22
84My Antonia [from the "Red Dirt Girl"]03:44
85My Baby Needs A Shepherd [from the "Red Dirt Girl"]04:39
86My Father's House [from the "Thirteen"]04:56
87My Name Is Emmett Till [from the "Hard Bargain"]04:52
88My Songbird [from the "Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town"]03:12
89Mystery Train [from the "Thirteen"]02:30
90Never Be Anyone Else But You [from the "Brand New Dance"]02:21
91New Orleans [from the "Hard Bargain"]03:38
92Night Flyer [from the "Luxury Liner"]03:34
93Nobody [from the "Hard Bargain"]05:03
94Not Enough [from the "All I Intended to Be"]03:25
95Oh, Atlanta [from the "Evangeline"]03:02
96Old Five And Dimers Like Me [from the "All I Intended to Be"]04:16
97On the Radio [from the "White Shoes"]05:12
98One Big Love [from the "Red Dirt Girl"]04:33
99One of These Days [from the "Elite Hotel"]03:03
100One Paper Kid [from the "Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town"]03:00
101Ooh Las Vegas [Live] [from the "Elite Hotel"]03:43
102Pancho & Lefty [from the "Luxury Liner"]04:50
103Pledging My Love [from the "White Shoes"]03:00
104Precious Memories [from the "Angel Band"]04:32
105Red Dirt Girl [from the "Red Dirt Girl"]04:19
106Red Red Rose [from the "Brand New Dance"]03:56
107Rollin' And Ramblin' (The Death of Hank Williams) [from the "Brand New Dance"]03:29
108Rose of Cimarron [from the "Cimarron"]04:21
109Rough and Rocky [from the "Blue Kentucky Girl"]03:52
110Sailing Round The Room [from the "All I Intended to Be"]05:31
111Satan's Jewel Crown [from the "Elite Hotel"]03:14
112Save the Last Dance for Me [from the "Blue Kentucky Girl"]03:38
113She [from the "Luxury Liner"]03:15
114Shores Of White Sand [from the "All I Intended to Be"]04:22
115Sin City [from the "Elite Hotel"]03:55
116Sister's Coming Home [from the "Blue Kentucky Girl"]02:56
117Six White Cadillacs [from the "Hard Bargain"]03:20
118Someday My Ship Will Sail [from the "Angel Band"]02:24
119Son of a Rotten Gambler [from the "Cimarron"]04:15
120Sorrow in the Wind [from the "Blue Kentucky Girl"]03:26

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris is an American singer and songwriter.

She has released many popular albums and singles over the course of her career, and has now won 13 Grammys. []


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