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High Times by Young Dro [2013] [album editions]

High Times (Young Dro)

Track listing

1Odds (ft. Forgeeauto & Mac Boney)
2Power Up
4Bad Bitch (ft. T.I, Spodee, & Problem)
6Djuan & Spodee (ft. Spodee)
7Hammer Time
8Hello (ft. Natasha Mosley)
9Nope (ft. T.I.)
10Take You There (ft. Natasha Mosley)
11I'm Cold
12Free Fall (ft. Blue June)
13Homeboyz (ft. Doe B)
14Corner Boys (ft. Miloh Smith)

Young Dro albums

1Best Thang Smokin'[ 2006 ]
2High Times[ 2013 ]
3I Co-Sign Myself[ 2011 ]
4Ralph Lauren Reefa[ 2012 ]
5We Outchea[ 2012 ]
1Best Thang Smokin' (Young Dro)
2High Times (Young Dro)
3I Co-Sign Myself (Young Dro)
4Ralph Lauren Reefa (Young Dro)
5We Outchea (Young Dro)

Young Dro songs

1100 Yard Dash (ft. Xtaci) [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]02:59
2All White [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]02:22
3Amore [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]02:20
4Bad Bitch (ft. T.I, Spodee, & Problem) [from the "High Times"]04:32
5Boomin' [from the "We Outchea"]03:24
6Check Me Out [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]02:42
7Cold Blooded [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]02:11
8Corner Boys (ft. Miloh Smith) [from the "High Times"]03:43
9Damn I Hate You [from the "We Outchea"]02:12
10Dangerous [from the "We Outchea"]01:36
11Dat Loud [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]04:13
12Djuan & Spodee (ft. Spodee) [from the "High Times"]04:31
13Dreamer (ft. Mitch) [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]03:38
14Dro Speaks [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]00:57
15Dro Speaks (Intro) [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]00:16
16FDB [from the "High Times"]03:40
17Fell In Love [from the "We Outchea"]03:54
18Free Fall (ft. Blue June) [from the "High Times"]04:18
19Fresh feat Jazze Pha [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:22
20Gangsta [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:53
21Gettin' To Da Money [from the "We Outchea"]02:47
22Hammer Time [from the "High Times"]04:05
23Hear Me Cry [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:04
24Hello (ft. Natasha Mosley) [from the "High Times"]03:36
25Hey Hey Hey [from the "We Outchea"]04:17
26High Five [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]03:53
27Homeboyz (ft. Doe B) [from the "High Times"]04:42
28I'm Cold [from the "High Times"]03:55
29I'm Wit It [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]03:11
30Intro [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]01:00
31It Ain't Over [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:49
32Laid Back (ft. Mac Boney) [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]03:14
33Last Time (ft. Samiyyah Dixon) [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]03:35
34Man In The Trunk [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:28
35More [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]05:34
36My Girl (ft. T.I.) [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]05:22
37My Girl Can Out Do Yours [from the "We Outchea"]03:10
38Nope (ft. T.I.) [from the "High Times"]04:23
39Odds (ft. Forgeeauto & Mac Boney) [from the "High Times"]05:07
40On Set (ft. Decatur Slim) [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]05:00
41One Thing Bout Me (ft. Young Thug) [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]04:42
42Outro [from the "We Outchea"]01:28
43Outro [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]03:44
44Polo Down [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]03:37
45Popular [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]01:31
46Power Up [from the "High Times"]03:16
47Presidential [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:05
48Rubberband Banks [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:49
49Shawty Gone Get It [from the "We Outchea"]03:06
50She Gone [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]03:55
51Shoulder Lean (ft. T.I.) [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:18
52Smell That Pack [from the "Ralph Lauren Reefa"]03:27
53Smoke Break [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]01:06
54Strong [from the "High Times"]02:53
55Sum Bitch [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]04:03
56Super Dupper [from the "I Co-Sign Myself"]03:51
57Take You There (ft. Natasha Mosley) [from the "High Times"]02:48
58The Crowd [from the "We Outchea"]02:36
59The Wake [from the "We Outchea"]02:52
60They Don't Really Know Bout Dro [from the "Best Thang Smokin'"]04:28

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Young Dro

D'Juan Hart, better known by his stage name Young Dro, is an American hip hop recording artist from Bankhead, Atlanta, Georgia. []


  • Southern hip hop
  • Strong - one of the best Young Dro songs, top songs list [#697]

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