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Thank You by Meghan Trainor [2016] [album editions]

Thank You (Meghan Trainor)

Track listing

1Watch Me Do
2Me Too
4Better (ft. Yo Gotti)
5Hopeless Romantic
6I Love Me (with LunchMoney Lewis)
7Kindly Calm Me Down
8Woman Up
9Just A Friend To You
10I Won't Let You Down
11Dance Like Yo Daddy
12Champagne Problems
15Thank You

Meghan Trainor albums

1I'll Sing With You[ 2011 ]
2Only 17[ 2011 ]
3Thank You[ 2016 ]
4Title[ 2015 ]
1I'll Sing With You (Meghan Trainor)
2Only 17 (Meghan Trainor)
3Thank You (Meghan Trainor)
4Title (Meghan Trainor)

Meghan Trainor songs

13am [from the "Title"]03:05
2All About That Bass [from the "Title"]03:07
3Back To My Home [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:02
4Bang Dem Sticks [from the "Title"]03:01
5Better (ft. Yo Gotti) [from the "Thank You"]02:47
6Broken Puzzle [from the "Only 17"]03:39
7Champagne Problems [from the "Thank You"]03:42
8Close Your Eyes [from the "Title"]03:40
9Credit [from the "Title"]02:51
10Cupid (ft. Gary Trainor) [from the "Only 17"]03:25
11Dance Like Yo Daddy [from the "Thank You"]03:03
12Dear Future Husband [from the "Title"]03:04
13Free To Fly [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:31
14Friends [from the "Thank You"]03:30
15Hold On To The Ones You Love [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:16
16Hopeless Romantic [from the "Thank You"]04:05
17I Love Me (with LunchMoney Lewis) [from the "Thank You"]02:47
18I Won't Let You Down [from the "Thank You"]03:20
19I'll Sing With You [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:02
20Just A Friend To You [from the "Thank You"]02:44
21Kindly Calm Me Down [from the "Thank You"]03:58
22Leave A Kiss [from the "Only 17"]03:29
23Like I'm Gonna Lose You (ft. John Legend) [from the "Title"]03:45
24Lips Are Movin' [from the "Title"]03:02
25Love Me More [from the "Only 17"]02:48
26Love, Love, Love [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:39
27Me Too [from the "Thank You"]03:01
28Mom [from the "Thank You"]03:15
29Mr. Almost [ft. Shy Carter] [from the "Title"]03:16
30My Selfish Heart [from the "Title"]03:46
31Never Ever [from the "Only 17"]03:43
32No [from the "Thank You"]03:33
33No Good For You [from the "Title"]03:36
34Out The Door [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:12
35Pick Me Up [from the "Only 17"]03:46
36Remember [from the "I'll Sing With You"]02:38
37Shoowap Shoowah (ft. Gary Trainor) [from the "Only 17"]03:03
38Single [from the "Only 17"]03:08
39Something To Believe In [from the "Only 17"]03:31
40Sweet Sweetie Pie [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:58
41Thank You [from the "Thank You"]03:25
42The Best Part (Interlude) [from the "Title"]00:24
43This Love [from the "Only 17"]03:29
44Title [from the "Title"]02:54
45Tumble (ft. Gary Trainor) [from the "Only 17"]04:07
46Walkashame [from the "Title"]02:58
47Watch Me Do [from the "Thank You"]02:49
48What If I [from the "Title"]03:18
49When Did You Fall [from the "Only 17"]03:36
50Whisper [from the "I'll Sing With You"]03:40
51Why Do You Have To Go [from the "I'll Sing With You"]04:35
52Window [from the "Only 17"]03:30
53Woman Up [from the "Thank You"]03:28

Meghan Trainor - top artists list [#48]

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor is an American singer-songwriter and record producer. []


  • Pop,
  • blue-eyed soul
  • Me Too - one of the best Meghan Trainor songs, top songs list [#113]

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