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Until the Quiet Comes by Flying Lotus [2012] [album editions]

Until the Quiet Comes (Flying Lotus)

Track listing

1All In
2Getting There (ft. Niki Randa)
3Until The Colours Come
5Tiny Tortures
6All The Secrets
7Sultan's Request
8Putty Boy Strut
9See Thru to U (ft. Erykah Badu)
10Until The Quiet Comes
11DMT Song (ft. Thundercat)
12The Nightcaller
13Only If You Wanna
14Electric Candyman (ft. Thom Yorke)
15Hunger (ft. Niki Randa)
16Phantasm (ft. Laura Darlington)
17me Yesterday//Corded
18Dream To Me

Flying Lotus albums

11983[ 2006 ]
2Cosmogramma[ 2010 ]
3Duality[ 2012 ]
4Los Angeles[ 2008 ]
5Until the Quiet Comes[ 2012 ]
6You're Dead![ 2014 ]
11983 (Flying Lotus)
2Cosmogramma (Flying Lotus)
3Duality (Flying Lotus)
4Los Angeles (Flying Lotus)
5Until the Quiet Comes (Flying Lotus)
6You're Dead! (Flying Lotus)

Flying Lotus songs

61Orbit Brazil [from the "1983"]02:40
62Parisian Goldfish [from the "Los Angeles"]03:01
63Pet Monster Shotglass [from the "1983"]06:39
64Phantasm (ft. Laura Darlington) [from the "Until the Quiet Comes"]04:24
65Pickled! [from the "Cosmogramma"]01:59
66Putty Boy Strut [from the "Until the Quiet Comes"]03:27
67Ready Err Not [from the "You're Dead!"]01:45
68Recoiled [from the "Cosmogramma"]05:33
69Riot [from the "Los Angeles"]04:02
70RobertaFlack (Feat. Dolly) [from the "Los Angeles"]03:07
71Sao Paulo [from the "1983"]02:08
72Satelllliiiiiteee [from the "Cosmogramma"]02:13
73See Thru to U (ft. Erykah Badu) [from the "Until the Quiet Comes"]03:27
74SexSlaveShip [from the "Los Angeles"]02:14
75Shifty [from the "1983"]01:28
76Siren Song (ft. Angel Deradoorian) [from the "You're Dead!"]02:37
77Sleepy Dinosaur [from the "Los Angeles"]01:55
78Stirring [from the "You're Dead!"]00:30
79Sultan's Request [from the "Until the Quiet Comes"]02:15
80Table Tennis (ft. Laura Darlington) [from the "Cosmogramma"]03:02
81Tesla [from the "You're Dead!"]01:54
82Testament (Feat. Gonja Sufi) [from the "Los Angeles"]02:28
83The Boys Who Died In Their Sleep (ft. Captain Murphy) [from the "You're Dead!"]01:50
84The Killing Joke [from the "Duality"]02:02
85The Nightcaller [from the "Until the Quiet Comes"]04:02
86The Prisoner [from the "Duality"]02:17
87The Protest [from the "You're Dead!"]01:58
88The Ritual [from the "Duality"]03:09
89Theme [from the "You're Dead!"]01:24
90Tiny Tortures [from the "Until the Quiet Comes"]03:37
91Turkey Dog Coma [from the "You're Dead!"]03:09
92Turtles [from the "You're Dead!"]02:06
93Unexpected Delight (ft. Laura Darlington) [from the "1983"]03:22
94Until The Colours Come [from the "Until the Quiet Comes"]01:40
95Until The Quiet Comes [from the "Until the Quiet Comes"]02:44
96Untitled #7 [from the "1983"]03:22
97Your Potential/The Beyond (ft. Niki Randa) [from the "You're Dead!"]01:46
98Zodiac Shit [from the "Cosmogramma"]01:11

Flying Lotus - top artists list [#442]

Flying Lotus

Steven Ellison, known by his stage name Flying Lotus, is an experimental multi-genre music producer and rapper from Los Angeles, California. []


  • Experimental electronic,
  • Hip hop
  • Tiny Tortures - one of the best Flying Lotus songs, top songs list [#823]

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