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Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack) [2003]

Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Track listing

1One Of Us - Joan Osborne
2God-Shaped Hole - Plumb
3You’re A God - Vertical Hor
4The Power - Snap
5A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs. JXL
6The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
7God Gave Me Everything - Mick Jagger
8AB Positive - John Debney
9Walking On Water - John Debney
10Seventh at Seven - John Debney
11Bruce Meets God - John Debney
12Bruce’s Prayer - John Debney
13Grace’s Prayer - John Debney

Joan Osborne albums

1Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
2Early Recordings[ 1996 ]
3How Sweet It Is[ 2002 ]
4Little Wild One[ 2008 ]
5One of Us[ 2005 ]
6Relish[ 1995 ]
7Righteous Love[ 2000 ]
1Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
2Early Recordings (Joan Osborne)
3How Sweet It Is (Joan Osborne)
4Little Wild One (Joan Osborne)
5One of Us (Joan Osborne)
6Relish (Joan Osborne)
7Righteous Love (Joan Osborne)

Joan Osborne songs

14 Camels [from the "Early Recordings"]03:49
2Angel Face [from the "Righteous Love"]03:33
3Axis: Bold As Love [from the "How Sweet It Is"]08:12
4Baby Love [from the "Righteous Love"]04:16
5Billie Listens [from the "Early Recordings"]04:39
6Bury Me On The Battery [from the "Little Wild One"]03:03
7Can't Say No [from the "Little Wild One"]04:48
8Cathedrals [from the "Little Wild One"]04:16
9Crazy Baby [from the "Relish"]06:33
10Daddy-O [from the "Little Wild One"]03:28
11Dracula Moon [from the "Relish"]06:18
12Dreamin' About The Day [from the "Early Recordings"]03:58
13Everybody Is A Star [from the "One of Us"] 
14Everybody Is A Star [from the "How Sweet It Is"]03:16
15Fingerprints [from the "Early Recordings"]04:38
16Flyaway [from the "Early Recordings"]03:52
17Get Up Jack [from the "Early Recordings"]04:21
18Grand Illusion [from the "Righteous Love"]04:00
19Hallelujah In The City [from the "Little Wild One"]04:16
20Help Me [from the "Relish"]05:15
21His Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles [from the "Early Recordings"]03:56
22How Sweet It Is [from the "One of Us"] 
23How Sweet It Is [from the "How Sweet It Is"]04:24
24Hurricaine [from the "Righteous Love"]03:36
25I’ll Be Around [from the "One of Us"] 
26If I Was Your Man [from the "Righteous Love"]04:55
27I'll Be Around [from the "How Sweet It Is"]04:36
28Ladder [from the "Relish"]04:12
29Let's Just Get Naked [from the "Relish"]05:09
30Light Of This World [from the "Little Wild One"]04:00
31Little Wild One [from the "Little Wild One"]03:31
32Love Is Alive [from the "Righteous Love"]03:25
33Love’s In Need of Love Today [from the "One of Us"] 
34Love's In Need Of Love Today [from the "How Sweet It Is"]04:14
35Lumina [from the "Relish"]03:08
36Make You Feel My Love [from the "Righteous Love"]03:59
37Man In The Long Black Coat [from the "Relish"]04:50
38Match Burn Twice [from the "Early Recordings"]03:53
39Meet You In The Middle [from the "Little Wild One"]03:45
40One of Us [from the "One of Us"]04:14
41One of Us [from the "Relish"]05:21
42One Of Us - Joan Osborne [from the "Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack)"] 
43Only You Know and I Know [from the "One of Us"] 
44Only You Know And I Know [from the "How Sweet It Is"]03:47
45Pensacola [from the "Relish"]04:31
46Poisoned Apples (Hallelujah) [from the "Righteous Love"]04:15
47Right Hand Man [from the "One of Us"] 
48Right Hand Man [from the "Relish"]05:00
49Righteous Love [from the "Righteous Love"]01:30
50Rodeo [from the "Little Wild One"]03:39
51Running Out Of Time [from the "Righteous Love"]04:43
52Safety In Numbers [from the "Righteous Love"]04:25
53Smiling Faces [from the "How Sweet It Is"]04:47
54Smiling Faces Sometimes [from the "One of Us"] 
55Son of a Preacher Man [from the "Early Recordings"]06:01
56Spider web [from the "Relish"]05:32
57St. Teresa [from the "Relish"]05:22
58Sweeter Than The Rest [from the "Little Wild One"]04:08
59The Weight [from the "How Sweet It Is"]05:15
60These Arms of Mine [from the "One of Us"] 

Joan Osborne

Joan Osborne

Joan Elizabeth Osborne is an American singer-songwriter and interpreter of music. []


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