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Into the Light by Chris De Burgh [1986] [album editions]

Into the Light (Chris De Burgh)

Track listing

1Last Night
2Fire On the Water
3The Ballroom Of Romance
4The Lady In Red
5Say Goodbye To It All
6The Spirit of Man
7Fatal Hesitation
8One Word (Straight To The Heart)
9For Rosanna
10The Leader
11The Vision
12What About Me?

Chris De Burgh albums

1Flying Colours[ 1988 ]
2Into the Light[ 1986 ]
3Man on the Line[ 1984 ]
1Flying Colours (Chris De Burgh)
2Into the Light (Chris De Burgh)
3Man on the Line (Chris De Burgh)

Chris De Burgh songs

1A Night On the River [from the "Flying Colours"] 
2Carry Me (Like a Fire in Your) [from the "Flying Colours"]04:25
3Don't Look Back [from the "Flying Colours"] 
4Fatal Hesitation [from the "Into the Light"]04:17
5Fire On the Water [from the "Into the Light"] 
6For Rosanna [from the "Into the Light"] 
7High On Emotion [from the "Man on the Line"] 
8I'm Not Scared Anymore [from the "Flying Colours"] 
9Just A Word Away [from the "Flying Colours"] 
10Last Night [from the "Into the Light"] 
11Leather On My Shoes [from the "Flying Colours"] 
12Man On The Line [from the "Man on the Line"] 
13Missing You [from the "Flying Colours"] 
14Moonlight and Vodka [from the "Man on the Line"]03:21
15Much More Than This [from the "Man on the Line"] 
16One Word (Straight To The Heart) [from the "Into the Light"] 
17Sailing Away [from the "Flying Colours"]04:59
18Say Goodbye To It All [from the "Into the Light"] 
19Sight and Touch [from the "Man on the Line"] 
20Suddenly Love [from the "Flying Colours"] 
21Talking In To the Top [from the "Man on the Line"]04:03
22Tender Hands [from the "Flying Colours"] 
23The Ballroom Of Romance [from the "Into the Light"] 
24The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night) [from the "Man on the Line"] 
25The Head And The Heart [from the "Man on the Line"] 
26The Lady In Red [from the "Into the Light"]04:11
27The Last Time I Cried [from the "Flying Colours"] 
28The Leader [from the "Into the Light"] 
29The Risen Lord [from the "Flying Colours"] 
30The Simple Truth (A Child Is Born) [from the "Flying Colours"] 
31The Sound Od a Gun [from the "Man on the Line"] 
32The Spirit of Man [from the "Into the Light"] 
33The Vision [from the "Into the Light"] 
34Transmission [from the "Man on the Line"] 
35What About Me? [from the "Into the Light"] 

Chris De Burgh

Chris De Burgh

Chris de Burgh is a British-Irish singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. []


  • Soft rock,
  • Pop rock,
  • Rock
  • The Spirit of Man by Chris De Burgh

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