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No Fences by Garth Brooks [1990] [album editions]

No Fences (Garth Brooks)

Track listing

1The Thunder Rolls
2New Way to Fly
3Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House
4Victim of the Game
5Friends in Low Places
6This Ain't Tennessee
7Wild Horses
8Unanswered Prayers
9Same Old Story
10Mr. Blue

Garth Brooks albums

1Fresh Horses[ 1995 ]
2Garth Brooks[ 1989 ]
3Garth Brooks...In the Life of Chris Gaines[ 1999 ]
4In Pieces[ 1993 ]
5No Fences[ 1990 ]
6Ropin' The Wind[ 1991 ]
7Scarecrow[ 2001 ]
8Sevens[ 1997 ]
9The Chase[ 1992 ]
10The Lost Sessions[ 2005 ]
1Fresh Horses (Garth Brooks)
2Garth Brooks (Garth Brooks)
3Garth Brooks...In the Life of Chris Gaines (Garth Brooks)
4In Pieces (Garth Brooks)
5No Fences (Garth Brooks)
6Ropin' The Wind (Garth Brooks)
7Scarecrow (Garth Brooks)
8Sevens (Garth Brooks)
9The Chase (Garth Brooks)
10The Lost Sessions (Garth Brooks)

Garth Brooks songs

61Nobody Gets Off In This Town [from the "Garth Brooks"]02:21
62Not Counting You [from the "Garth Brooks"]02:36
63One Night A Day [from the "In Pieces"]04:17
64Papa Loved Mama [from the "Ropin' The Wind"]02:53
65Please Operator (Could You Trace This Call) [from the "The Lost Sessions"]03:44
66Pushing Up Daisies [from the "Scarecrow"]04:21
67Right Now [from the "Garth Brooks...In the Life of Chris Gaines"]03:24
68Rodeo [from the "Ropin' The Wind"]03:55
69Rodeo Or Mexico [from the "Scarecrow"]04:24
70Rollin [from the "Fresh Horses"]04:10
71Same Old Story [from the "No Fences"]02:52
72Shameless [from the "Ropin' The Wind"]04:22
73She Don't Care About Me [from the "The Lost Sessions"]02:56
74She's Every Woman [from the "Fresh Horses"]02:53
75She's Gonna Make It [from the "Sevens"]02:49
76Snow In July [from the "Garth Brooks...In the Life of Chris Gaines"]04:19
77Something With A Ring To It [from the "The Chase"]02:35
78Somewhere Other Than The Night [from the "The Chase"]03:14
79Squeeze Me In [from the "Scarecrow"]03:34
80Standing Outside The Fire [from the "In Pieces"]03:54
81Take The Keys To My Heart [from the "Sevens"]02:34
82That Girl Is A Cowboy [from the "The Lost Sessions"]04:23
83That Ol' Wind [from the "Fresh Horses"]05:24
84That Summer [from the "The Chase"]04:48
85That's The Way I Remember It [from the "Garth Brooks...In the Life of Chris Gaines"]04:29
86The Beaches Of Cheyenne [from the "Fresh Horses"]04:15
87The Change [from the "Fresh Horses"]04:08
88The Cowboy Song [from the "In Pieces"]04:00
89The Dance [from the "Garth Brooks"]03:42
90The Fever [from the "Fresh Horses"]02:42
91The Night I Called The Old Man Out [from the "In Pieces"]03:14
92The Night Will Only Know [from the "In Pieces"]03:57
93The Old Stuff [from the "Fresh Horses"]04:14
94The Red Strokes [from the "In Pieces"]03:46
95The River [from the "Ropin' The Wind"]04:28
96The Storm [from the "Scarecrow"]04:38
97The Thunder Rolls [from the "No Fences"]03:44
98Thicker Than Blood [from the "Scarecrow"]02:55
99This Ain't Tennessee [from the "No Fences"]04:08
100To Make You Feel My Love [from the "Fresh Horses"]03:57
101Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House [from the "No Fences"]02:32
102Two Pina Coladas [from the "Sevens"]03:37
103Unanswered Prayers [from the "No Fences"]03:25
104Under the Table [from the "The Lost Sessions"]03:03
105Unsigned Letter [from the "Garth Brooks...In the Life of Chris Gaines"]04:16
106Uptown Downhome Good Ol' Boy [from the "Garth Brooks"]03:07
107Victim of the Game [from the "No Fences"]03:06
108Walking After Midnight [from the "The Chase"]02:35
109Way Of The Girl [from the "Garth Brooks...In the Life of Chris Gaines"]03:44
110We Bury The Hatchet [from the "Ropin' The Wind"]03:07
111We Shall Be Free [from the "The Chase"]03:50
112What She's Doing Now [from the "Ropin' The Wind"]03:28
113When There's No One Around [from the "Sevens"]03:33
114When You Come Back To Me Again [from the "Scarecrow"]04:44
115Which One Of Them [from the "Ropin' The Wind"]02:41
116White Flag [from the "Garth Brooks...In the Life of Chris Gaines"]04:43
117Why Ain't I Running [from the "Scarecrow"]04:34
118Wild Horses [from the "No Fences"]03:09
119Wolves [from the "No Fences"]04:10
120Wrapped Up In You [from the "Scarecrow"]04:45

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Troyal Garth Brooks is an American country music singer and songwriter.



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