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She Got Game by Rapsody [2013]

She Got Game (Rapsody)

Track listing

1A Song About Nothing
2Coconut Oil Ft Raekwon & Mela Machinko
3Thank You Very Much
4Lonely Thoughts (ft. Chance The Rapper)
5Caught Up (ft. Raheem Devaughn)
6Generation (ft. Mac Miller & Jared Evan)
7Special Way
8Dark Knights (ft. Wale)
9My Song (ft. Mela Machinko)
10Complacent (ft. Problem)
11Lover After All (ft. Gwen Bunn)
13Feel Like (Love Love) (ft. Common)
14Never Fail
15Never Know (ft. Nispey Hussle Ab-Soul and Terrace Martin)
16Jedi Code (ft. Phonte & Jay Electronica)

Rapsody albums

1Return of the B-Girl[ 2010 ]
2She Got Game[ 2013 ]
3Thank H.E.R. Now[ 2011 ]
4The Idea of Beautiful[ 2012 ]
1Return of the B-Girl (Rapsody)
2She Got Game (Rapsody)
3Thank H.E.R. Now (Rapsody)
4The Idea of Beautiful (Rapsody)

Rapsody songs

11983 [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:27
2A Song About Nothing [from the "She Got Game"]03:47
3Angel (ft. Laws) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:30
4Baby Yeah (ft.Marsha Ambrosius) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]04:01
5Believe Me [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]05:08
6Believe Me (9th Wonder HaHaHaHa Remix) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]05:11
7Black Diamonds (ft.Raekwon) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:15
8Black Girl Jedi [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:19
9Blankin Out (ft. Mac Miller) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:26
10Blankin Out (Remix) (ft.Jean Grae) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]05:51
11Caught Up (ft. Raheem Devaughn) [from the "She Got Game"]04:57
12Celebrate [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]05:59
13Cherry On Top [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:01
14Cipher Kid (ft. Big Remo) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:06
15Coconut Oil Ft Raekwon & Mela Machinko [from the "She Got Game"]02:46
16Come Home (ft. Rocki Evans) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]03:24
17Complacent (ft. Problem) [from the "She Got Game"]03:21
18Dark Knights (ft. Wale) [from the "She Got Game"]04:31
19Destiny [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]02:28
20Extra Extra (ft. Mac Miller & Halo) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]04:32
21Feel Like (Love Love) (ft. Common) [from the "She Got Game"]03:29
22Fly Girl Power (ft.Estelle) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:25
23Generation (ft. Mac Miller & Jared Evan) [from the "She Got Game"]04:02
24Good Good Love (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]06:01
25Her Throne [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]02:45
26Honda Accord (Remix) (ft. Skyzoo & Thee Tom Hardy) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:04
27Hoop Dreams To Rap Dreams (ft. King Mez & Skyzoo) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:58
28How Does It Feel (ft. Rocki Evans) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]04:20
29I'm Ready (ft. Hetaher Victoria) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:20
30In the Town (ft. Nomsa Mazwai) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]03:22
31Jedi Code (ft. Phonte & Jay Electronica) [from the "She Got Game"]04:46
32Kind of Love (ft. Nomsa Mazwai) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]03:58
33Kingship [from the "She Got Game"]02:49
34Lampin [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]06:12
35Lemme Think [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]04:35
36Little Things (ft. Phil Ade) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:35
37Little Things (Remix) (ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Heather Victoria) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:56
38Lonely Thoughts (ft. Chance The Rapper) [from the "She Got Game"]04:39
39Love Peace & Soul (ft.Tyler Woods) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]06:00
40Love Tonight (ft. Sundown) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:22
41Lover After All (ft. Gwen Bunn) [from the "She Got Game"]04:28
42Make It After All [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]04:14
43Motivation (ft. Big Rube) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]03:41
44My Melo My Man (Melo Anthony) (ft. Tp) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]02:57
45My Song (ft. Mela Machinko) [from the "She Got Game"]03:31
46Never Fail [from the "She Got Game"]02:26
47Never Know (ft. Nispey Hussle Ab-Soul and Terrace Martin) [from the "She Got Game"]04:44
48No More Trouble (ft. Enigma, Halo & Sean Boog) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]06:07
49NonFiction (ft. Raheem DeVaughn & Ab-Soul) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]04:49
50One Time (ft. Tab One Charlie Smarts & Phonte) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]05:36
51Out Tha Trunk [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]05:26
52Precious Wings [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]04:08
53Return of The B-Girl (Mara Jade) [from the "Return of the B-Girl"]03:03
54RoundTable Discussion (ft. Mac Miller & The Cool Kids) [from the "The Idea of Beautiful"]04:18
55Sky Fallin (My Mind) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]04:49
56So Be It (ft.Big Krit) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:28
57Special Way [from the "She Got Game"]03:19
58Star Warz (ft.Murs & Sundown) [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:53
59Sweetest Hangover [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:02
60Thank Her Now [from the "Thank H.E.R. Now"]03:29

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Rapsody is an American rapper from Snow Hill, North Carolina.

Rapsody is known for her intricate rhyme patterns, metaphors, and wordplay. []


  • Hip hop
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