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More Beautiful Than Silence by K'naan [2012]

More Beautiful Than Silence (K'naan)

Track listing

1Is Anybody Out There? (ft. Nelly Furtado)
2Nothing to Lose (ft. Nas)
3More Beautiful Than Silence
5Coming to America

K'naan albums

1Country, God or the Girl[ 2012 ]
2More Beautiful Than Silence[ 2012 ]
3My Life Is a Movie[ 2004 ]
4The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)[ 2007 ]
5The Dusty Foot Philosopher[ 2005 ]
6Troubadour[ 2009 ]
7Wavin' Flag[ 2010 ]
1Country, God or the Girl (K'naan)
2More Beautiful Than Silence (K'naan)
3My Life Is a Movie (K'naan)
4The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live) (K'naan)
5The Dusty Foot Philosopher (K'naan)
6Troubadour (K'naan)
7Wavin' Flag (K'naan)

K'naan songs

115 Minutes Away [from the "Troubadour"]04:56
270 Excuses [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]04:11
3ABC's (ft. Chubb Rock) [from the "Troubadour"]03:09
4Alone [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]03:48
5America (ft. Mos Def and Chali 2NA) [from the "Troubadour"]04:45
6Bang Bang (ft. Adam Levine) [from the "Troubadour"]03:06
7Be Free (London) [from the "The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)"]03:54
8Better [from the "More Beautiful Than Silence"]03:16
9Better [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]03:16
10Blues for the Horn [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]06:49
11Boxin' My Shadow [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]04:27
12Boxing My Shadow [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]04:31
13Bulletproof Pride (ft. Bono) [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]04:43
14By the End of the Day (Djibouti) [from the "The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)"]02:14
15Coming to America [from the "More Beautiful Than Silence"]04:02
16Diaspora [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]01:28
17Dreamer [from the "Troubadour"]04:32
18Fatima [from the "Troubadour"]05:01
19Fire in Freetown [from the "Troubadour"]04:36
20For Mohamoud (Soviet) [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]00:34
21Freestyle [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]02:51
22Gold in Timbuktu [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]04:34
23Hoobaale [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]05:07
24Hurt Me Tomorrow [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]03:48
25I Come Prepared (ft. Damian Marley) [from the "Troubadour"]04:08
26I Was Stabbed by Satan [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]03:52
27If Rap Gets Jealous [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]04:20
28If Rap Gets Jealous (ft. Kirk Hammett) [from the "Troubadour"]03:39
29In the Beginning [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]03:23
30In The Beginning (New York) [from the "The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)"]03:18
31Is Anybody Out There? [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]03:59
32Is Anybody Out There? (ft. Nelly Furtado) [from the "More Beautiful Than Silence"]03:58
33Is It A Myth? (Djibouti) [from the "The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)"]03:35
34Moment [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]00:12
35More Beautiful Than Silence [from the "More Beautiful Than Silence"]03:52
36More Beautiful Than Silence [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]03:53
37My God [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]00:24
38My God (ft. Mos Def) (New York) [from the "The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)"]04:53
39My Life Is a Movie [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]03:31
40My Mother's Pearls [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]03:23
41My Old Home [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]03:08
42Nothing to Lose (ft. Nas) [from the "More Beautiful Than Silence"]03:57
43Nothing to Lose (ft. Nas) [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]03:57
44On the Other Side [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]04:28
45People Like Me [from the "Troubadour"]06:16
46Salaam (Interlude) [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]00:26
47Simple [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]03:27
48Sleep When We Die [from the "Country, God or the Girl"]04:00
49Smile [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]04:05
50Smile [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]04:21
51Smile (Amsterdam) [from the "The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)"]04:11
52Somalia [from the "Troubadour"]03:33
53Soobax [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]03:44
54Soobax [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]03:41
55Soobax (Bristol) [from the "The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)"]04:27
56Spoken Love [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]01:27
57Spoken Thought [from the "My Life Is a Movie"]01:39
58Strugglin' [from the "The Dusty Foot Philosopher"]04:27
59Strugglin' (Edmonton) [from the "The Dusty Foot on the Road (Live)"]03:40
60T.I.A [from the "Troubadour"]03:38

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K'naan born Keinan Abdi Warsame in 1978, is a Somali-Canadian poet, rapper, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. []


  • Hip hop,
  • World music
  • Is Anybody Out There? (ft. Nelly Furtado) - one of the best K'naan songs, top songs list [#1002]

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